Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Laughing Through Life Is Grand!

Tomorrow is my birthday (as my friend Owen often says, "Having another birthday beats the alternative!") and yesterday (August 13) was the birthday of one of my favorite cartoonists.

Now I know there is Hart and Parker (of The Wizard of Id fame), Charles Shultz (Peanuts) and Hank Ketchum (Dennis the Menace) but I have always loved Gary Larson. Gary created "The Far Side" and for many years he specialized in comics that provided jokes for a thinking people. Most of the comics had some connection to science or mathematics and usually were the types of creations that you would find in a college professor's office as an example of his "idiosyncratic" sense of humor. I have always enjoyed Larson's work because it was funny and it was comedy that made you think. I can show the pictures to my sons and wife and even buy a book with a collection of his work and leave it out where 'company' can pick it up and leaf through it. So enjoy a few pictures from "The Far Side" and pass them on to your friends. Now there are some people who look at his work and wonder 'what is so funny?' and of course if you have to explain it, it is no longer funny.

Proverbs 17:22 states "A happy and healthy outlook on life brings healing" so lets enjoy today and learn to laugh.

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