Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why People Change Their Minds

I have always been interested in why people change their minds. I am sure you have encountered those who were very persistent in their mind set (stubborn?) and others who seemed very non committal and vague (stubborn?).
My Dad told me years ago, "He does not have reverse in his car, Son..." and by that he meant, that person will not change and therefore will fail!
As long as you have 'reverse in your car' you have a chance at growing and learning and living a fuller life of joy and peace.
But back to my original query: Why People Change Their Minds.
Stories can illustrate this answer (at least partially).
A man went to his priest and asked, "Father, I want you to say a Mass for my favorite dog."
The priest indignately stated, "What!? What do you mean you want me to say a Mass for your dog?"
"Father, it is my pet favorite dog. I loved that dog and I would like you to offer a Mass for him."
The priest replied, "We don't offer Masses for dogs here! Go to the Episcopalians, Lutherans, or the Methodists...maybe they have a service for you!"
As the man turned to go, he said, "I really loved that dog, he was my favorite! I was planning a million dollar contribution for the Mass."
The priest called out, "Hey wait a minute, you did not tell me the dog was Catholic!"
You never quite know what will influence someone to change their mind!

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