Sunday, August 2, 2009

Talking about Alabama woman, 81, faces trial in urination case

August 02
Well I wonder how long it will take before National News picks up this story. We have the story of a police officer arresting a noted Harvard professor and the ensuing paranoia over racial insensitivity and a president who stated the police acted 'stupidly.' I wonder what President Obama would say about Mobile, Alabama police arresting a 81 year old female for urinating behind a clump of trees? She will be 82 when she stands for trial!! I guess if the police officer in Cambridge acted stupidly then the officers in Mobile acted in a similar fashion. The charge you ask? Public lewdness...oh yeah?

Doing Versus it built into the Fallen DNA??

I held him tight and said with emotions choking my voice, "You are my son" and in a muffled reply, I heard, "I am trying Dad, I am trying..."

Amazing to you get the picture? Here is Dad, heart open, mind open, spirit open, arms open...and he is holding close his son. Here is Son, who believes one more time, "If I try harder and do more then I am worthy of love...and I may be called his son."

I spoke recently to a inter/non denominational church up at Lake Martin and began by stating that 'today, I am going to talk about our two biggest challenges in this life.' I know that sounds a bit grandious, but hear me out...I did not talk about economics nor recessions nor heaven nor hell. I did state that 'the deep supreme desire of every human heart is to be loved without condition' (struggle number one) and 'every human heart struggles in allowing themselves to be loved unconditionally.'

Those were the two challenges I spoke of on that day. Those are the two challenges I face every day. In a world that believes in Karma (you know, what goes around comes around...I realize Karma is a bit more sophisticated than that but here in south Alabama that about covers it) and in a world that values 'what have you done for me lately' and in a world that really does believe you deserve to reap what you is hard to come by and yet without that love the human heart develops a tear...a hole.

Humans are driven by performance, competition, comparison. But it is the holes in the human heart that are the problem! Healing those holes only can be accomplished with love, lots of love, unconditional love, ah yes, love, so hug yourself tightly, allow yourself to be loved, and know that you are already alright!

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