Monday, March 9, 2009

David Wilkerson is NO PROPHET!

There are NO prophets today!!

Screwed up eschatology and emotion laden theology drives a fear based message! I mean what is the difference between Edgar Cayce/ Jean Dixon/Nostradamus and David Wilkerson?

Fear freezes the human soul in the past and constrains the human heart from enjoying the fullness of life! The crackpot Wilkerson ( does not speak for God, never has, still does not and never will! God does not 'speak' that way today (Hebrews 1:1-2)! That is settled once for all!!

Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real and messages of fear appear real until they are critically examined for rational evidence and here with Wilkerson's message, none is found! Bereft of any rational basis, I soundly dismiss this 'message of doom and gloom!' An American Specific judgment is myopic and arrogant! I mean, think with me here, we are only 5% (really on 4.2%) of the world's population and yet we are to receive the majority of God's blessings and thereby the majority of God's judgment? You have got to be kidding?? Jesus Christ is my judgment and I am in NO fear of God's judgment (1 John 2:1-3).

It angers me that many people whom I love will tremble when hearing Wilkerson's words. Their faith and childhood psyche harkens back to gloom and doom and impending catastrophe! There is no hope, no grace, no goodness, and no love in that message. The fragile spirit of many will be crushed by such a message…that is not the message of the New Covenant (by the bye, Wilkerson and his ilk, seem to revel in citing Old Covenant passages that are specially written to someone other than today's Christ follower!!)! Begone you hobgoblin of fear! Brennan Manning once said this about the Specter of Fear, "A pox on you and your children!!"

No fear can live here!! Not in my heart! A heart of "love drives out fear!" (1 John 4:18).

I slept well last night and now I finish my morning brew of Brazil roast. Enjoy today, tomorrow, don't allow your tomorrows be limited by your fears!

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  1. If you have ever read The Vision, that was published in 1973...I remember as a child when the book first came out. All of the predictions seemed proposterous. However, the majority of the vision he saw has come to pass one at a time, though in that day seemed like doom and gloom as well. Do you think that in 1973 anyone believed that porn could be accessed from your own home? Hello computers...that seemed in 73 as outrageous as alien visitation. He also saw the coming crash of the money system and banks...which would have been simply unbelievable even 5 years ago as to what is unraveling before our eyes today. God also told David Wilkerson to go to New York City in the late 50's to preach to a hardened gang murderer heroin addict named Nikki Cruz...enough said. These prophesies should draw us closer to the Lord, to judge ourselves before He judges. The Bible is clear that as it was in the days of Noah...are we not revisiting those days? Draw close to the Lord, your redemption draws nye.


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