Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Longer On Tiptoe!!

I always have felt that I should give 'just a little bit more' and stand 'just a little bit taller' and stretch 'just a little farther'! The idea of standing on tip toe suggests that the goodies, the cookies if you please, were on the top shelf and only the tall (read 'the special ones') ones could reach them easily. The rest of us had to stretch and reach and try a bit harder. I am not sure where I got the philosophy that life was about 'trying harder and doing more' but I am so relieved and rejoice to discover that I could relax, rest easy, and accept life as it is, not as I wanted it. Grace taught me (and I am learning more each day!) that God accepts me as I am, completely, irrevocably, and that I am completely loved by Him. No need to stand on tip toes around Him...just be myself and let Him love me! Wow, what a life!

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