Sunday, March 6, 2011

The One Who Taught Me How to Love

My Dad taught me 'how to live...' He was fearless, would try anything, go anywhere, try any recipe, and worked very hard...two jobs! Fearless? Yes, a one wheel trailer and an old Studebaker and an old canvas tent...he took us (1961) from Troy, Ohio to San Francisco on less than $300! Mom had never been out of the states of Kentucky or Ohio and off we went!

My Mom taught me 'how to love...' She laughed at my jokes, laughed, sang, cried, tender, funny, fun to be with, she cooked, loved to cook, worked all my life (two jobs, one at home and one at Hobart). She taught me how to love.

Fifteen years ago today, on March 6, 1996, I watched the undertaker fold my Mother's body into his bag, walked down the hall of our home, and out to his Hearst. I still remember that day and that image...knowing that here her life was over and knowing that one day she will be reunited with the rest of her family for all of eternity.

Thanks were, and still are, the best in my mind!

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